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I serve Washington, D.C. Prince George's County, Northern Virginia and parts of Maryland, including the cities and communities of Adams Morgan, Alexandria, Annapolis, Anacostia, Arlington, Annandale, Brentwood, Brookland, Burke, Capitol Hill, Centreville, Chantilly, Cheverly, Columbia Heights, Congress Heights, Dale City, Deanwood, Dupont Circle, Fairfax, Falls Church, Foggy Bottom, Forestville, Fort Belvoir, Fort Washington, Georgetown, Lanham, Largo, Lorton, Manassas, McLean, National Harbor, Navy Yard, Oakton, Oxon Hill, Reston, Riverdale, Shaw, Springfield, Temple Hills, Tysons Corner, Upper Marlboro, Vienna, Waldorf, Woodbridge, Woodley Park and more!

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Harrod Doula Services

Kaely Harrod, Birth & Postpartum Doula

About Me

My Training:

  • Pre-Certified Birth Doula (ProDoula)

  • Pre-Certified Postpartum Doula (MaternityWise)

  • VBAC Support Education

  • Accredited La Leche League Leader

  • Spinning Babies Trained

  • Bilingual in Spanish and English

What I'm About...

How I got started:

I found my passion for helping women as a college student. I now support all birthing people, but my passion was birthed from an inherent desire to help women specifically. I often dreamed of how to meet needs that were gaps in women’s lives, whether that was encouragement, health and nutrition, housing, abuse healing, and trauma care, etc. Out of that desire, I began assisting friends in various ways as there was the need during pregnancy, birth and postpartum. It didn’t become anything official until I decided to become an accredited La Leche League Leader in 2014. After entering the world of postpartum care I found that this specific season of pregnancy, birth and postpartum care was a specific passion that fit perfectly within my passion to help and encourage women. I find great fulfillment from offering support and encouragement to people in this phase of their lives. It is a beautiful thing to be allowed into this deeply personal and vulnerable time and given a space to participate, strengthen and advocate.

My Doula Style:

I would describe my doula style as relaxed, supportive and informed by my client's cues. I tend to want to learn a lot about who my clients are and how they operate in order to meet them in that space and not try to force them into my world of operation. I have the knowledge base to support and comfort in a variety of ways, but I want to match those comfort measures with who my client is and what they value! For postpartum care that looks like me learning your family dynamics in order to support those and not disrupt them. In birth that looks like me joining you as part of your team and letting you direct your own labor while adding information and support to empower you in that process.

I have birth support experience including breech babies, high risk pregnancies, first time pregnancies, 2nd/3rd/4th/5th babies, IVF, IUI, natural birth, premature birth, cesarean, epidural, natural birth, unmedicated birth, hypnobirth, advanced maternal age and trial of labor after cesarean. I have experience supporting families through trauma before and during birth including loss and miscarriage, as well as postpartum complications and traumas for both the birthing person and the baby. My goal is to support all families through a trauma-informed approach. I have my own personal experience with a baby in the NICU. I have supported clients at hospitals and Birthing Centers and have worked with a variety of the OBGYN and Midwife practices in the DC area.

What to Expect:

When working with me expect me to communicate with enthusiasm! I love details and it's important to me that my clients know their full range of options as they're making decisions. Throughout the process of preparing for and giving birth, I will equip you with information to help you advocate for yourself. During birth I am calm and reassuring while bringing humor and sincere support to the experience. I will support you warmly and passionately while respecting your personal and family choices as if they were my own.


Photograph by D.Harrod Photography


Just like pregnancy, labor, birth, and parenthood are natural, they are also unpredictable in some ways. I bring evidence-based information to those twists and turns as they arise. My hope is to remove some of the fear and replace it with choice and clarity. My clients have told me that I bring a sense of calm to a situation that otherwise seems chaotic. I'm so glad that's true because that's exactly what I want to do!  I believe that part of the fear involved in changes to the "plan" is lack of information and support, so I hope to reduce that fear in pregnancy, birth and the postpartum period. 


I offer both Birth and Postpartum Doula Packages to fit your family's needs. 




Erin, Birth Client

Kaely is a dear friend of mine! She is a wonderful mother, wife, lactation consultant and doula! You may wonder how a dear friend might function as a labor and delivery doula, I don't think many people could do this well at all, too many dynamics at play... but, NOT so for KAELY! She was all that my husband and I didn't know we needed- a calm comforter, supporter, cheerleader and advocate (and photographer!).


Kaely helped to relieve the pressure of contractions, keep me comfortable while stuck to the monitor and warded off the unhelpful nurses when they couldn't believe I wouldn't have an IV, didn't want another cervical exam and refused to lie on my back. She didn't flinch when a contraction got a little intense and I got a little loud in her ear as she supported me :) She was a huge help to my husband so he could focus on the baby and me. I could go on and on. She is so easy to talk to, has a huge heart, loves what she does and knows her stuff! She is wise, she knows when and how to advocate, she is a treasure and I recommend her to anyone I know looking for a doula!

Daniel, Birth Client Father

Kaely is naturally gifted at caring for women in this most intimate of moments. We were/are so thankful for her. We wholeheartedly recommend her to you. Only if you want to experience great care.

Yvonne, Postpartum Care

Kaely really helped me with my first delivery process. I ended up needing a c-section.


After my surgery, if it weren't for all the help and support from Kaely it would have been such a scary process.


Her services didn't end there! Because of my surgery my body had problems producing milk and I really wanted to breastfeed. This was the second hardest thing ever, especially right after a major surgery and being a first-time mama. She coached me every step of the way!


I'm super thankful for everything Kaely has done for our family!