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Why do I teach?

Teaching is one of my first loves. I taught a class of 4 yr olds as a high school student. Then preschool as an assistant during college. I even transferred majors to education but ended up settling on Religion and Philosophy (and now I’m a Doula! HA!). After Graduate School I started teaching Spanish on the college level as an adjunct professor and then ESL classes to primarily Spanish-speaking students as adult learners. I found that my love of teaching really was teaching adults and not preschool-age learners. Now, I homeschool my own three children and have merged my love of birth, informed consent in birth, trauma-informed care, evidence-based information, and the idea that knowledge and understanding starts to strip away fear to teach Childbirth Education. 

What is the class?

Comprehensive Childbirth Education:

This course includes a thorough understanding of what’s happening in the midst of labor and birth along with what is normal during the final parts of pregnancy and what to expect in the early days of having a newborn. The course is made using evidence-based information from a trauma-informed lens with all birthing people in mind. It is a comprehensive and self-paced foundation for your birth preparation. I highlight Advocacy and Informed Consent in each module because they are foundation of being an active part of the decision making team in your own labor and birth.

I have curated curriculum using graphics from The Educated Birth that includes the following Modules:

  • Pregnancy and Preparation

    • How to choose a care provider​

    • How to choose a birthing location

    • What's happening inside your pregnant body

    • Stages of Pregnancy

    • Estimated Due Dates

    • Pregnancy Warning Signs

    • Choosing your support team

    • Advocacy and Informed Consent​

  • Labor - Stage 1

    • Hormones of labor​

    • Positioning of the baby

    • Stages and progression of labor

    • Advocacy and Informed Consent

  • Birth Preferences and Comfort Measures​​

    • Birth Choices and Planning

    • Pain Management Options

    • Labor Positions

    • Comfort Measures

    • Advocacy and Informed Consent​

  • Delivery and Newborn

    • Pushing​ and Positions

    • Birth of Baby

    • Birth of Placenta

    • Post Birth procedures

    • Immediate postpartum time

    • Advocacy and Informed Consent​

  • Medical Induction and Cesarean​

    • Common Practices​

    • Medication options

    • Evidence on reasons for Induction

    • Family-Centered Cesarean options

    • Advocacy and Informed Consent​

  • Postpartum and Feeding

    • Your postpartum body​

    • Infant feeding options

    • Postpartum support systems

    • Advocacy and Informed Consent​

It includes extensive parent handouts from pregnancy through postpartum and will be supplemented with my own experience as a parent to 3 kids, La Leche League Leadership experience, and a combined 5 years of breastfeeding. 

How is it taught?

The bulk of the course is pre-recorded so you can watch and learn at your own pace. Each class includes a private 1 hour session with me to answer any questions you may have and add any special information needed for your situation! You also gain unlimited email support from me for the 6 week period after you register for the course.

What Exactly is Included?

  • 9+ Hours of class content in the modules ($585 value)

  • Handouts for each module ($120 value)

  • Birth Plan and Postpartum Planning Templates ($20 value)

  • Book Suggestions and Resource List ($50 value)

  • Visual Birth Affirmations Set ($50 value)

  • 1 Hour private video chat with me to answer questions and personalize the content! ($100 value)

  • BONUS Birthing during Covid-19 info video from my experience and some Covid-19-specific resources ($150 value)

How much does it cost?

Overall Investment Value: $1075

Self-Paced Online class: $298.00*

*Book Birth Doula Services WITH Childbirth Education and save $98!

**Ask about our flexible payment plan options and reduced rate for Medicaid, SNAP or WIC recipients! 

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